Upper Back Pain – Should you be concerned?

by Doctor

Upper back pain is very common and affects more people than you may realize at some point in their lives.  The pain can range from mild to agonizing and can be felt from an irritating throb through to an intense stabbing pain, and everything in between. It’s important not to ignore the signs and seek medical attention quickly if you are concerned.

Causes of Upper back pain can be vertebrae that are out of alignment. This sounds as though it’s serious and it can be very painful, also causing muscle tension in the shoulders and resulting in headaches. However it is easily corrected with a trip to a Chiropractor who will know exactly how to deal with your problems and address them for you.

Slipped discs can also be a cause of upper Back Pain, however the majority of complaints come from muscular injures.  People in highly physical jobs are most likely at risk.  However lifting heavy items incorrectly, or a sudden jerking movement, sleeping in the wrong position, falling down and even carrying a child can all result in upper back injuries.  Lifting weights incorrectly also can cause muscles to rip and tear.  Sudden jerking motions caused by weight lifting can bring on sprains and strains, which from personal experience, is most excruciating.

You can suffer upper back pain from going from one temperature extreme to the next.  Exposure to too much heat and then suddenly cooling down for example in an air conditioned room, can cause your back to ache.  Interestingly becoming sweat drench and not changing your clothes but rather allowing them to dry whilst still wearing them, can cause upper back pain.

The majority of upper back pain is not serious and if correctly treated will eventually heal well.  Placing an ice pack for 5 – 10 minutes on the site for up to 48 hours following the injury will reduce inflammation. Completely rest the affected area for at least a couple of days until it feels better. After this time placing heat packs will help alleviate any residual pain you may have.  Hot showers will also have a soothing effect.

Massage at the site will help to loosen knotted and tight muscles due to stress and tension.  Although the massage itself can be quite painful, the results following are well worth the pain.

Severe and recurrent upper back pain should not be ignored.  There are other ailments such as heart and lung problems that can affect the upper back and should be addressed immediately by a medical practitioner. Don’t ever dismiss it and hope it will go away.  Having a checkup will put your mind at rest.

Poor posture is probably another of the most common reasons for upper back pain.  Slumped shoulders and stressed shoulder blades from poor posture can cause muscles to become over stretched and cramped, causing upper back pain. It can even be painful to breathe.

Bottom line is if you are experiencing any kind of upper back pain, and it is concerning you, set your mind at rest and seek medical advice immediately.

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