What are the different Types of Back Pain?

by Doctor

There are many different types of back pain that one can suffer from. Often they range from acute – only lasting from several days to a few weeks, through to chronic where the person suffers for many years.

Many people will suffer from lower back pain.  This is generally caused by lifting heavy items or simply lifting things the wrong way.  Although this is perhaps one of the most common ways, many people have injuries resulting from twisting or bending the incorrect way also.  These injuries can come on gradually or suddenly.  Often people do not know how their injury occurred.

Other types of back pain include muscular and ligament injuries. These can result from playing sport or any types of physical exercise. A pulled muscle in the back can feel like you have pleurisy, and can cause sharp pain while inhaling. It can last for a few weeks.  Pulled tendons and ligaments are also extremely painful. The application of ice packs immediately following the injury, and up to 48 hours after the occurrence will assist greatly in the recover y of the affected area.

Any pressure on, or herniated discs putting pressure on the Sciatic nerve are more types of back pain that can be cause extreme pain and debilitating circumstances for the sufferer.  The symptoms can range from mild pain from the lower back down through the hip and leg, to extreme paralyzing pain that can only be treated with pain killers and complete rest. Often in severe cases the sufferer is completely immobilized.  Relief is difficult to find.

More types of back pain include Herniated Discs, sometimes referred to as a slipped disc. These are discs that have bulged out of their position between the two vertebrae, but the membrane surrounding the disc remains intact. A prolapsed disc on the other hand, is a condition where the inner gel like substance does not remain intact and escapes into the outermost fibers of the surrounding membrane.
When the membrane surrounding the disc ruptures and the gel like substance leaks out of the membrane, this is known as a disc extrusion.

Spinal Stenosis is common in people over the age of 50, and occurs when the spinal canal becomes narrow, resulting in deterioration and osteoarthritis.

Some other types of back pain can be caused from kidney stones, tumors of the spine, urinary tract infections, peptic ulcers and pancreatic disorders.  These conditions can cause extremely excruciating pain for the sufferer.

So how do you know if you need to worry about your back pain?  Although it is rare, back pain, becomes serious when certain symptoms appear.  For example, the pain wakes you from your sleep.  You cannot control your urine or bowel motions.  You suffer unexplained weight loss or it’s accompanied by fever, or if you have a history of cancer.  Of course these are rare and most back pain is not life threatening.

If you are concerned about your back pain, to be absolutely sure you must see a medical practitioner to be assessed.

There are many different types of back pain, and the majority of back pain is due to muscular injury and can be alleviated so you can go on to live a pain free lifestyle.

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