Spinal Injuries and Back Pain – Is it possible to recover?

by Doctor

Spinal Cord injury

Spinal injuries and back pain have serious consequences to the sufferer.  In fact any sort of spinal injury caused can be debilitating, and may not allow you to continue to function normally as you did before. Most spinal injuries have devastating results for the victim. Spinal injuries are life altering for the victims.  Few are lucky to recover.

In the majority of cases, injuries to the spinal cord can result in either paraplegia ñ which is a paralysis to the legs, resulting in the necessity of the patient being wheelchair bound for the remainder of their life.  Even more catastrophic is quadriplegia, which results in complete paralysis to all four limbs, rendering the victim utterly helpless and dependant on complete care for the rest of their existence.

Often it is accompanied by loss of sensation of the skin, loss of functions of the bladder, bowel and sexual dysfunction.  Along with this, the victim will almost certainly suffer from chronic pain depending on where the injury is located.

Spinal injuries and back pain go hand in hand, unless you are completely paralyzed and don’t feel any sensation at all.  Depending on where the injury has occurred, will depend on the seriousness of the consequences.  The closer to the brain, the more seriously affected everything will be below it, which can result in death, if it happens to affect the heart and lungs.

Even if the injury is not as severe as mentioned above, back pain can still be experienced and spinal flexibility can be diminished.

The most common cause of spinal injuries are motor bike accidents, in fact they account for around 40% of all spinal injuries, followed by falls that account for up to 25%.  Diving head first into shallow water or water that has submerged rocks is another major cause of spinal injuries, feet first always.  Minimize your risk when you are riding in a car by wearing your seatbelt, and never accept a lift from someone who has been drinking alcohol or taking drugs.   Always take care on the roads.

Spinal Injuries and back pain can be treated with the help of Chiropractic treatment, once inflammation is at a minimum.  Gentle spinal manipulation therapy is introduced to joints that may have locked up and become stiff.   Certain exercises may be recommended depending on the amount of movement you have.

Rehabilitation from a spinal injury will not be quick. You will probably have to see a professional at least 2 ñ 4 times per week, for a lengthy period, depending on the severity of your condition.  Once you have recovered sufficiently to reduce your visits, you will still be required to visit around every 3 – 6 weeks in order to maintain improvements that you have achieved.

Spinal injury and back pain is not something that would be easy to endure, I can only imagine how unrelenting and difficult the pain would be to live with.  Pharmaceutical drugs are inevitable, along with plentiful visits to a back care specialist such as a Chiropractor for a total or partial recovery.

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