Pregnancy Back Pain – How to Find Relief without Drugs

by Doctor

Pregnancy back pain is quite normal and very common during this time in a woman’s life.   Back pain is often experienced early in the pregnancy due to the increase in progesterone, which causes the supporting ligaments and disc to soften.  This generally subsides half way through the pregnancy.

Extra pressure and increased weight in the front will cause back aches later in the pregnancy and closer to full term when a woman becomes very large.  Being so uncomfortable often makes it difficult to find a position where she can find relief.  Sleeping can become distressing finding a position to relieve pain.

More symptoms that add to pregnancy back pain are the change in the centre of gravity, added weight, changes to the pelvis, bad posture, hormonal imbalances and stress on joints.  The changes are very rapid and can cause a great amount of discomfort and pain for a lot of women.

There are ways to alleviate pain during this time that won’t take long or cost a fortune.   Most women would prefer to try to relieve their pain without the use of drugs, so what can you do?

Firstly exercise will help a great deal.  You may like to seek your Doctors’ approval for you to do some gentle exercise.   Swimming is fantastic for pregnant woman as there is no pressure on the joints and back and you are weightless in the water.  A great deal of women choose to swim gentle laps during their pregnancy.  Exercise will help when the baby is on the way also, it helps to strengthen muscles you will need to help deliver your baby.  A woman who is physically fit will have fewer problems than the next woman who did not exercise.

There are lots of DVD’s specifically designed for pregnancy, and can help to reduce pregnancy back pain, by targeting back muscles and making them stronger.

Try to avoid standing for long periods.  If you have a job that requires a lot of standing, perhaps you could ask your boss for a chair as your get bigger, you’ll be glad you did.   Adversely, too much sitting can have the same effect, and cause a lot of discomfort.  Short periods of moving about throughout the day will benefit you and keep pregnancy back pain at a minimum.

Try not to sleep on your back, this will put excess pressure on your back, later when you approach full term and as your baby grows larger you will find it very uncomfortable to sleep this way, due to the sheer weight.

Massage will help alleviate pregnancy back pain, and it’s a little bit of luxury for you too. Spoil yourself and have a regular massage.  Putting your feet up on an ottoman when you feel tired will help also.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on pregnancy back pain relief. Most of the things I have mentioned are available for you to do at home, or very inexpensively.  Looking after yourself and resting often, not letting yourself get too tired will hopefully have you thoroughly enjoying your pregnancy experience.

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