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Dorn Spinal Therapy originated in Germany last century and has become one of the leading back care modalities in Europe. It offers a gentle re-balancing of vertebrae, balancing leg length, getting the hips in the correct position. We work with you, so there are no ‘cracking’ surprises, and you can relax, and allow your body to re-balance. Dorn is especially good for back, neck, knee, shoulder and hip pain.

Enar uses biofeedback to reduce inflammation and hence reduce pain and promote healing. We often use it with Dorn to give a faster and more effective result.

Needling is an ancient technique using very fine needles inserted into the skin. It can be very effective in the relief of back pain, sciatica, headaches and other aches and pains. Just let Paul know and he can add some extra points for you.

Naturopathy is useful in reducing pain as Paul can address other underlying issues of inflammation and autoimmune disorders which create pain. As Paul is also a biochemist, he has additional insight into pain pathways. He may help you with your diet or prescribe specific supplements designed and proven to reduce pain. Sometimes, just having someone believe you, and empathise with you, when you’re in pain, is very therapeutic and healing.

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