Five Easy Options In Back Pain Treatment

by Doctor

Hot Compress

Options for back pain treatment are dependent upon what is causing the pain. If the person has suffered injury to his or her back, it is essential it be evaluated by a physician. Many adults suffer due to overuse, poor posture, and overstretching of back muscles. These can be treated at home with reasonable success.


Heat applications are frequently helpful. Hot baths or showers not only relax the back muscles but the rest of the body too. Hot water bottles and heating pads can provide longer heat exposure directly to the affected area. The new chemical patches are proving effective too. Once activated they last for hours and can be used anywhere. When using heat it is essential that skin surfaces be checked at least every thirty minutes. When using continuous heat, as with a heating pad, burns can occur before the person realizes it.


When used properly, medications can provide a lot of relief. Ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory and works to decrease the pain associated with inflamed muscles and tissues. Acetaminophen is a pain reliever and can be used in conjunction with ibuprofen. These medications are inexpensive, readily available, and safe for most people when taken as directed. The user can expect to feel the effects within thirty minutes after taking them. Ibuprofen is tolerated better when taking with food.

Homeopathic Therapies

Herbal soaks are finding a lot of favor, especially among athletes. Using hot water and various herbal combinations can provide lasting relief. Some of the popular herbs include lavender, chamomile and rose petals. The treatments combine aromatherapy, heat and the healing properties of the herbs. Using meditation, yoga, and relaxation techniques also helps relieve pain.


Rest is essential. Nothing beats resting the affected areas. Use a pillow under the knees to reduce low back strain when sitting or lying down. Place a small pillow at the curvature of the lower spine when sitting or lying down. Use a pillow when lying down on one side to support limbs and keep them from pulling on the back muscles. Continuing to overwork strained muscles can cause serious damage.


Massage can offer instant benefits. A regular Swedish massage can help relax muscles and provide soothing relief. The masseuse may use hot stones, herbal preparations, and other nontraditional aids to help improve the outcome of the massage. Most places use a combination of massage and aromatherapy along with environmental approaches such as music and low lights.

All of the options are effective and available to most people. Pain that is unrelieved after three to five days of conservative back pain treatment should be evaluated to rule out more serious injury.

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