Experience Relief from Low Back Pain with a Consistent Pilates Routine

Pilates Routine

by Doctor

Men and women alike are often afflicted with severe bouts of lower back pain. These bouts of pain can be nearly debilitating and can prevent a person from being able to carry out normal daily routines and work tasks. Taking care of family and attending work every day can be a major challenge when lower back pain is a consistent stabbing pain that keeps the person from moving freely.

Pilates exercises work to tone the muscles while strengthening the lower back. More than a hundred years old, this form of exercise was developed to help the mind and body work together to condition the body to become stronger and more toned. The basic thought behind Pilates is that the mind is in charge of controlling the muscles in the body and Pilate workouts with consistent conditioning can lead to stronger bodies that equip people to handle the rigorous daily chores and activities.

When a person begins Pilates, he or she will likely need time to adapt to the movements and stretching the exercise requires. Pilates is a combination of slow movement, stretches, bending, and reaching in repetitive motions. These motions work to slowly condition and strengthen muscles and improve flexibility. Because the person will grow more flexible through consistent Pilates exercises, lower back pain has a major possibility of being relieved. The lower back is strengthened as the abdomen and legs are toned and firmed.

People who have lived with back pain for months or even for years no longer have to be subject to excruciating pain day in and day out. Often, lower back pain is a result of sitting hunched over a computer desk or office desk for long periods of time. Pilates exercises will help the person to become more flexible and will work out the pinched nerves and strengthen the muscles in the back which will provide more support to the person and be an assistance in relieving pain.

Other common back injuries are results of accidents or lifting something that caused a disk to slip. Although it is important to check with a physician before beginning any new exercise routine, Pilates has the ability to make a positive change in the freedom of movement a person is able to experience with his or her body. The increased muscle tone also can help to provide relief from pains, aches, and discomfort in the lower back area.

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