Chiropractic Best for Neck Pain

Chiropractor for Neck Pain

by Doctor

Consulting a chiropractor first rather than an MD may be your most effective means of dealing with pain, especially pain in the neck, recent studies show.

The less-than-glamorous problem of neck pain was estimated to cost the Netherlands as much as $686 million as long ago as 1996. This figure can only have grown in all developed countries since then. The fact that the cause of neck pain is usually unclear often leads medical professionals to dismiss the sufferer with medication, which creates problems of its own, or to recommend invasive spinal surgery to correct problems that the use of chiropractic can handle at the outset.

A recent American study has found that chiropractic and targeted exercise far outstrips the use of medication in relieving neck pain. Study participants 18-65 with nonspecific neck pain found their pain reduced or eliminated by more than 50%, even up to a year later, using chiropractic or targeted exercise. Users of medication on the study not only continued to use the drugs, which can cause gastrointestinal problems, but they did not reach the same level of pain relief as those receiving chiropractic or practicing targeted exercises.

When a person experiences neck pain, there is more than pain to consider — lost work days cost the local economy in productivity and treatment costs, along with lowered personal satisfaction and overall health. When your neck hurts, nothing feels good.

Neck pain has been shown to be more prevalent in urban areas of developed societies, especially among office and computer workers, while it is not so evident in rural areas or Third World countries. Neck pain experienced by gamers and users of texting devices hail a new epidemic of neck pain. It would seem clear that bowing the head forward excessively over-stretches the neck and leads to pain in this most delicate of the body’s junctions.

Regular use of chiropractic or spinal manipulation can correct or relieve many physical problems, especially pain in the neck. Many chiropractors also recommend exercises for patients that will enhance their treatment. Make your first stop chiropractic for all health problems; you will be healthier and happier for it.

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