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Many people will seek back pain treatment for an injury sometime in their lives.  The type of treatment will be dependent on the condition or symptoms that accompany their back pain.

There have been different treatments used in recent decades that are no longer used due their inability to help the sufferer.  These included traction, the use of a support corset, even electrical stimulation.

Hot and cold packs are excellent as a back pain treatment for injuries such as a pulled muscle or ligaments, which by the way can be extremely painful for a few weeks.

Immediately following the injury, apply an ice pack to the affected area.  You should continue this for up to 48 hours, leaving it on for short periods to avoid further injury.  This will help ease the pain and alleviate inflammation, which will hopefully lessen the recovery period.   Heat packs or hot showers after 48 hours will help with muscle tension relief and pain.  Be careful not to make the heat pack too hot, you should be able to comfortably stand the temperature.

Exercise is another important back pain treatment.  It is especially crucial to chronic sufferers of lower back pain.  Rest is recommended in the days following the injury, and embarking on a good exercise plan as soon as the pain has subsided enough.  Be sure not to spend too much time being immobile.  Your back problems could worsen if you stay unmoving for too long as bones start to lose calcium and muscles become weak.

Aerobic exercise is recommended as a fantastic back pain treatment for chronic lower back pain sufferers.  Gentle low impact exercises that include stretching help to strengthen the muscles and also release endorphins, which are the bodyís own natural pain killers. Exercise can also aid in preventing further injury.  Start slowly and build up gradually.  You could try exercises such as swimming or water aerobics, walking, short distances at first, building up over weeks and months or even stationery bicycles.

Physical therapy is commonly used as a back pain treatment also.  The aim of physical therapy is to relieve the pain, increase the strength and flexibility of the muscles surrounding the injury, speed up the healing process and help to prevent any further injury in the future.
Other types of programs used specifically for back pain treatment are strengthening and flexibility programs.  They aim to maintain strength and flexibility in the back muscles affected by the injury, to help prevent further injury.

Massage is excellent for muscle injuries to the back.  Massage works by increasing the circulation directly to the affected area, it loosens muscles that have become tight and knotted due to tension and injury.  It is a most effect back pain treatment for minor back muscle injuries.

The key to any back pain treatment is to begin lightly and progress gradually.  If you feel any pain at all, you should cease immediately to prevent causing further injury to your back. Obviously if your back pain continues it could be that there is something a bit more serious occurring.  However this is very rare, itís best to consult your family doctor to be certain.

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Florida Pain Management June 14, 2010 at 4:53 am

Great Post on Back Pain Treatments such as Hot and cold packs Physiotherapy, message etc etc all above methods will get good relief for people who are looking for relief.

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