Back Pain Relief – What treatments are available?

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Back Pain Treatment

Back pain relief is very commonly sought after by around 80% of the population at some point in their lives. The majority of back pain is acute and only lasts for a few days to several weeks, anything longer, fits in the chronic category. Usually back pain will come and go, however some people suffer from very debilitating pain that impacts greatly on their lives, resulting in less mobility and lessens their quality of life. Back pain can also just come out of the blue, without you knowing what caused it.

Back pain can occur in various places throughout the back. Lower back pain is very common and usually results from heavy lifting or lifting something the incorrect way. However extreme back pain can indicate something far more serious and should be checked out by a chiropractor or medical practitioner. Pain from a muscle injury can occur anywhere on the back. Pain from the sciatic nerve or from a herniated disc can range from mild to extreme. You will definitely be in need of Back pain relief if you suffer from this.

So what can be done for back pain relief?

Most people will recover from their back pain, however there will be a few that will need treatment to help with back pain relief.

In past years some treatments such as putting the patient in traction or in a corset for support, even electrical stimulation were used, however they are now found to be unhelpful with back pain relief.

Some of the more modern treatments for back pain relief include:

Hot and Cold treatments. This is basically the application of a hot or cold pack applied to the affected area. The ice pack should be applied shortly after the injury has occurred, for duration of 5 – 10 minutes in short successions. Applying ice packs will help with any inflammation that may have occurred from the injury.

Heat packs are to be used if the injury lasts longer than 48 hours. Heating the affected area relieves muscle tension and actually feels very soothing – until it wears off. Be careful not to scald yourself with a heat pack that is too hot.

Exercise will assist greatly with your back pain relief. However be careful to rest your back injury for the first couple of days. Once the severe pain has subsided an exercise plan is considered to be a huge benefit by medical experts for back pain relief, by gently strengthening the muscles surrounding the injury. Low stress aerobic and stretching exercises are usually best, don’t get out there are play a game of high stress tennis or the like. You are bound to make it worse.

Massage can assist greatly in the recovery of some acute back injuries, combined with a gentle exercise and stretching plan.

Pain killers are probably the last resort for back pain relief. These are definitely only for chronic sufferers.

There are many treatments available to assist you with Back pain relief, visit your family doctor and start a program that will enable you to live your life again without back pain.

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Dr Oskar Lindback Melbourne Chiropractor March 28, 2012 at 3:09 pm

When suffering from acute back pain it is important to get an accurate diagnosis that determines the cause of the problem. Once the true cause has been established the appropriate treatment can be applied. Most common mistake people make is that they ask one of their friends that “had the same problem” what needs to be done. Leave the diagnosing to the experts but do ask your friend for a recommendation as to who they saw for their problem so that it can be assessed properly.

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