Back Pain and Fibromyalgia – Tips for Living a Pain Free Lifestyle

by Doctor

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Back pain and fibromyalgia can be a debilitating experience for the sufferer of this nasty disease.  Often the patient will find that normal tasks performed daily are almost impossible to undertake.  It is possible to find a specific treatment to enable you to continue with as normal a routine as possible.

To treat Back pain and fibromyalgia and pain in general from the disease, may take a different type of treatment to other types of pain.  You will need to get a definite diagnosis from your medical practitioner. Basically it will be a process of elimination.  The diagnosis will be based on your symptoms and on what illnesses you don’t have.

Back pain and fibromyalgia in general, is thought to be a result of the connective tissues in the body becoming inflamed.   Most symptoms include pain in the muscles, tiredness or fatigue and multiple points throughout the body being very tender.   It is not as rare as people think. Many people suffer from this disease and are in constant pain for years.  The severity of the pain fluctuates as does the locations of the pain.  The cause is not known, however stress is believed to aggravate the pain of fibromyalgia, and diet also plays a big part.  Our bodies are designed to eat fruit and vegetables, nuts, meat and to drink water.  Many daily diets these days are laden with highly processed foods rich in sugar and salt, chemicals, hormones in meat, it’s little wonder many people are contracting many different diseases.

The fatigue that goes hand in hand with this disease is thought to be caused by the inflammatory process, which produces chemicals resulting in the fatigue.

So is there anything that you can do to relieve back pain and fibromyalgia?
The treatment will largely depend on the severity of the disease in each individual.  It also varies from patient to patient. What works for one will not necessarily work for the next. So you will need a tailor made treatment specially designed for you.

For the more severe sufferers, certain medications will have to be prescribed to ease the pain. Exercising can help in the treatment of back pain and fibromyalgia.   As stress can play a huge part in this disease, it will also be necessary to try to find ways to reduce any stress you may be feeling.
Light exercise can reduce stress.  Meditation is also a great way to minimize stress.  It totally relaxes the mind and body, and it’s not just for certain types ñ meditation is becoming very widely used by a variety of people to help relieve the stress we all suffer from in our busy world.

To help in the treatment of back pain and fibromyalgia and the pain in general from this crippling disease, it will be necessary to consult your doctor.  Maintaining a healthy diet, minimizing junk food and soda drinks, exercising regularly and minimizing your stress levels along with any medication your doctor prescribes will all help contribute to minimizing your symptoms and help you live a happier pain free life.

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