Back Pain Exercises – Best Exercises to Reduce Back Pain

by Doctor

Back Pain Exercise

Back pain exercises are crucial in the recovery of many types of back pain. They assist in strengthening the muscles surrounding the injury, and increase flexibility.

Around eighty percent of the population will suffer from some type of back pain at some stage of their lives.  Most, but not all back pain is caused from muscular injury, and can simply be corrected by performing some simple back pain exercises.

The most common back pain is lower back pain which often results from injury, but can sometimes just appear out of the blue. Often times you will just wake up with a back ache.  Back pain can be caused by too much sitting, poor posture or not enough or the wrong types of exercise.

In recent decades, we were all a lot more active than we are in the new millennium.  We ran and played as kids, and rode bicycles and walked more often, which caused us to use more muscles than we do nowadays. As times have become much busier, certain things fall by the wayside, and exercise is usually the first off the list to free up more time.

Poor posture is a big cause of back pain also, sitting up straight rather than slouching in our chairs with shoulders back seems to be a thing of the past.

Exercise is the key to curing the majority of back pain, we know this but we allow no time in our lives to correct our posture or do valuable exercise that will benefit our health and relieve us of back pain.

Bending your knees and getting right down to the ground when lifting heavier items is essential if you want to spare your back from pain. Bending over and lifting from the waist is a sure fire way to create so much stress on your back and end up with a sore back.

Back pain exercises need to be done correctly.  Our arms, legs and backside muscles are all attached to our back muscles, so if we can exercise and strengthen our back muscles surely we will improve our overall general health.

Gentle walking is one way to improve back pain. Running will jar your back, knee and hip joints, so if you suffer from pain in your back, then running and jogging are not good back pain exercises.

Yoga and Pilates are strengthening exercises. They are focused on strength, flexibility and control. The exercises are designed in such a way that they incorporate a large range of muscle groups and restore balance in the body.  You can expect relief from back pain, improved circulation and flexibility, improved lung capacity, it will also reduce stress and you will tone and shape up, you may even lose some weight.

Mediation is greatly recommended to incorporate into your back pain exercises schedule, as it helps to reduce stress which in turn will release tension in tired aching muscles.  Deep breathing whilst meditating will also help reduce the stress.  Tense muscles tend to ache and pain more than relaxed muscles.

Of course if you have serious chronic disabling pain, you will need to consult your doctor for stronger pain relief, however you can still benefit from doing some gentle back pain exercises, mobility permitting.

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